Production and sale of 3D printing Filament

We are doing research, development and production of 3d printing filament from recycled PET bottles that have been collected through the NPEK waste take-back scheme aimed at creating a circular economy. By doing this we will provide the first cheap, recycled and standardized 3D printing filament for the regional market where we currently import at escalated prices.

3D Filament

Production and sale of 3D printed merchandise

DiscoverBrands 3D printing is also helping in promoting awareness of 3D printing technology as a way of democratizing manufacturing from household level whereby one can simply order an item from our maker space or community where one can place orders on the custom design, specifications and quantity of items. E.g. Customized corporate branded promotion giveaways – Key holders, phone covers, coasters etc.

3D_printed object

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) to STEM Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Kit’s campaign.

Together with our partner MyStemKits, a company based in the US, we are synchronizing a curriculum based STEM learning platform using manipulatives that have been 3D printed using recycled PET bottles. This is with the aim of helping implement competency based learning in the country education program starting with the lowest education level who are the ECD (Early Childhood Development). This will also help teach the value of ‘Waste Plastic’ in education through the concept of 3Rs which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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