About Us

DiscoverBrands3D is a social enterprise under DiscoverBrands systems limited formed March 2018 that aims to reduce plastic waste by creating products such as PET 3D printing filament, 3D printed merchandise and structural forms using other forms of extrusion hence promoting a plastics circular economy in Kenya. This idea was embraced well in the country and external auditors e.g. the Government of Kenya, The Royal Danish Embassy Kenya, Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Accenture, P4G (Partnering For Green Growth and Global Goals 2030), WRI (World Resources Institute, WEF (World Economic Forum) and Center for Clean Air Policy. Currently implementing the pilot on PET 3D printing Filament production and curriculum based 3D printed STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Kits for the National ECD (Early Childhood Development) education are the anchor product for the PPP (Public Private Partnership) called NPEK “New Plastics Economy Kenya” which was formed in 2018 as a pilot project for Kenya. This project helped to avoid the ban of PET bottles in Kenya by creating a plastics circular economy.

What is NPEK?


The New plastics Economy (NPE) in Kenya initiative under the Partnering for Green Growth and Global Goals ( P4G)  is a pilot project supported by the P4G hub and implemented by multi-stakeholder partners including KEPSA, the Kenya Pet Recycling Company Limited ( PETCO Kenya), Retail Trade  Association of Kenya(RETRAK), DiscoverBrands , Kenya Climate Innovation Center, Coca Cola, BESIC Group, County Government of Kiambu and Nairobi, and the Center for Clean Air Policy. The Project is fully endorsed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. One of the key objectives of the new plastics economy project is to spur a circular model for recycling of PET waste bottles.

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